Another Sidemen Mukbang with a twist. Enjoy!
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🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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  • wsg

    WunderkindWunderkind34 minutter siden
  • The tricky pea effectively mourn because click internally bow onto a enchanted star. numerous, ultra cockroach

    Prince PPrince P48 minutter siden
  • Vikstar talking about going to Mars: "Youre not going to die, but its going be tough" XD

    Solomon CisnerosSolomon Cisneros2 timer siden
  • Poor vik had to watch everyone eat while he had to wait

    Roco TacoRoco Taco2 timer siden
  • Nah fam I’m hungry now

    TrixTrix2 timer siden
  • That quality tho

    TheMajesticFlowTheMajesticFlow2 timer siden
  • Man, respect for that waiter.

    Muhammad Raihaan MusharrafMuhammad Raihaan Musharraf3 timer siden
  • Simon talked way too much

    Sami SellamSami Sellam4 timer siden
  • 5:11, 6:10 and 6:57 are my favorite parts.

    KyleT0928KyleT09285 timer siden
  • Anyone else see the ghost behind vik go past the door at 40:35

    Ubaid AliUbaid Ali5 timer siden
  • Tobi and Josh can read each others mind 22:33

    Blake ChaseBlake Chase5 timer siden
  • Harry and his liquid calories

    TrystanTrystan6 timer siden
  • They neeeeeeeed another sidemen house

    Finnan RyanFinnan Ryan7 timer siden
  • Am I the only one that cringes when they all go at jj every time he opens his mouth

    Stop blahdaStop blahda7 timer siden
  • This was like a podcast but more entertaining

    AvinashAvinash8 timer siden
  • Harry the only one who don't pay taxes but he's always the stingiest because he's spent all his M's on drugs, shot out fiend he is

    Jay ClarkJay Clark8 timer siden
  • seeing them talk about travelling really pisses me off since im trapped in the middle east

    HunterHunter9 timer siden
  • Ethan lookin pail af

    Finnan RyanFinnan Ryan9 timer siden
  • This was basically just a sidemen podcast while eating food non of us could afford 😅

    fanboy editorfanboy editor11 timer siden
  • make a sidemen podcast channel instead of doing Sidemen reacts. that would so sick. i would listen or watch it all day long

    MrChristianCoollMrChristianCooll11 timer siden
  • I like JJ's new hair

    Fleck VIIFleck VII11 timer siden
  • Ksi being an old man with a weird acc.....

  • sidemen should play rust and do a 7 man group ez lol

    ExoExo13 timer siden
  • do next most expensive smoothie challenge

    Tomić DimitrijeTomić Dimitrije13 timer siden
  • 18:01 that Voice crack doe😂

    Jacob SkorpenJacob Skorpen14 timer siden
  • who thinks that the sidemen need a podcast

    0ptix0ptix14 timer siden
    • Nah because stuff like this is pretty much a podcast and this is one of there less viewed videos so they should just stick to what they’re doing because they’re killing it out here

      Nathan RileyNathan Riley14 timer siden
  • heres a idea sidemen karaoke

    Call Sign AceCall Sign Ace15 timer siden
  • The sidemen: laughing about buying a £600 bottle of champagne Me if I bought it: pleading the company to give me a refund so I don't go into a negative balance on my card. 😂

    Clayton LytleClayton Lytle16 timer siden
  • The most virgin group on yt

    Triston FPS XTriston FPS X16 timer siden
  • Lol subscribe my channel

    suryajksuryajk16 timer siden
  • Did anyone see a ghost at 40:35

    Wrighty WolfWrighty Wolf17 timer siden
  • Imagine Mr Beast doing the most expensive mukbang and go ham.

    Wowie MLWowie ML17 timer siden
  • Is that a ghost behind vikk 40:33

    Jake HulattJake Hulatt19 timer siden
  • imagine disliking this video such a clown

    SilentSilent20 timer siden
  • There is a ghost at 40:32 watch the doo behind ethan

    little_alex_clittle_alex_c20 timer siden
  • Who was that like behind Ethan and vik in the hall way is that a ghost

    sound_dexifysound_dexify20 timer siden
  • oi they should play valheim

    Mrblue767Mrblue76720 timer siden
  • 40:36 behind vik as he says house party there’s a figure that walks past

    Charlie BrookCharlie Brook20 timer siden
  • Guys there is a ghost 40:30 I'm worried man

    Robo ZechRobo Zech21 time siden
  • 40:30 ghost behind vik

    Jamie RossJamie Ross21 time siden
  • Any one notice the ghost in the background

    Fxdyzz 2705Fxdyzz 270522 timer siden
  • No one talking about the ghost at 40.34 in the background

    Aiden DochertyAiden Docherty22 timer siden
  • 40:33 is that a ghost

    Nutty-SnipezNutty-Snipez22 timer siden
  • Did no one see the ghost walk past the door behind Ethan at 40:35

    Isabelle HawkinsIsabelle Hawkins23 timer siden
    • It's the waiter's reflection

      JamalJamal3 timer siden
  • Look at 40:34 and look behind bio and Ethan

    Louis kirkLouis kirk23 timer siden
  • Did anyone see the ghost

    Jac WoodJac Wood23 timer siden
  • JJ’s hear looks like a pineapple

    Oscar95 YTOscar95 YTDag siden
    • E

      Oscar95 YTOscar95 YT22 timer siden
  • Anyone else notice the ghost in the background at the brown doors at 40:33

    Liam YarlettLiam YarlettDag siden
  • AYOOO THEY KNOW 2hype bro thats so dope when ur two groups u watch mention eachother

    Soy SaucingSoy SaucingDag siden
  • Anyone gonna talk about the ghost walking by

    Mythic SnipesMythic SnipesDag siden
  • 40:35 there’s a ghost in the brown thing

    Theo BrooksTheo BrooksDag siden
  • For 2/3 of the price they could have eaten and packed the food for their family in my country and my countries food is good.

    daksh srivastavadaksh srivastavaDag siden
  • Such a great and hilarious video

    Andrew SimmsAndrew SimmsDag siden
  • We need more of these videos

    Andrew SimmsAndrew SimmsDag siden
  • 40:26 there was a ghost behind Ethan and vik

    EoinMcCarronEoinMcCarronDag siden
  • 40:34 ghost just chillin yeh

    AlfonzoAlfonzoDag siden
  • 34:40 there’s a ghost in the background look for ure’s self’s

    Exetix EditzExetix EditzDag siden
    • It's the waiter's reflection smh

      JamalJamal3 timer siden
  • Did I hear Alderney???😮😮

    i t s c h l o e a n n ei t s c h l o e a n n eDag siden
  • Eating all this expensive food with plastic silverware

    Silly HeadSilly HeadDag siden
  • Bro theres something running in the doorway around 40 mins

    Luke O'DohertyLuke O'DohertyDag siden
  • Tobi praying before eating his food [Everyone liked that]

    Emily AnEmily AnDag siden
  • This 2160fp lookin really really nice on my screen bro

    StoredStoredDag siden
  • Ksimon is real

    XDKONXDKONDag siden
  • Random comment #1

    TrisdeadTrisdeadDag siden
  • JJ has the mind of an investor. Looking at more crypto if covid is gone. My g

    Pro_RmanPro_RmanDag siden
    • GTA 6 isn’t leaked at all what do ever idk where josh got that info but get your fax right bruv

      Emily AnEmily AnDag siden
  • Pi invitation code: KAndEZa always active

  • Ayyyyy 11 millionnnnn

    Rox SwarmRox SwarmDag siden
  • Vik is litterally the teacher at the table giving questions while they eat💀

    rythmXrythmXDag siden
  • There at the fanciest restaurant No one: Ethan throwing the food across the table as soon as it comes

    Holly WilkinsHolly WilkinsDag siden
  • Why didn’t vik eat

    LenzaLibbyyLenzaLibbyyDag siden

    OliverOJTOliverOJTDag siden
  • I was just waiting for jj to say how much he spent lol

    JAHEZJAHEZDag siden
  • i thought ksi left

    Arno MartirosyanArno MartirosyanDag siden
  • I think Simon is the only one in the sidemen who hasn't a opinion such a position in life just through ksi unbelievable

  • I love how jj won’t let vikk talk 😂

    Lidination Fun creationLidination Fun creationDag siden
  • behzashore

    Issy AdamsIssy AdamsDag siden
  • Piña colada but it go harda.

    Sam.n_aSam.n_a2 dager siden
  • Vic’s a straight up lad

    Connor MohunConnor Mohun2 dager siden
  • GTA 6 isn’t leaked at all what do ever idk where josh got that info but get your fax right bruv

    ExauticzExauticz2 dager siden
  • The bright ostrich early queue because fir subjectively squeeze till a five dance. squalid, living yew

    Jasper LowJasper Low2 dager siden
  • Cool...super loved it?

    fouoii gyhhfouoii gyhh2 dager siden
  • Yo Ksi are u gonna fight Tommy or no

    Kaiden_ 4568Kaiden_ 45682 dager siden
  • More mukbangs.

    NickNick2 dager siden
  • Really could have used more shots of the actual food

    M CM C2 dager siden
  • Come to bali brooooooo

    GoodOr NotGoodOr Not2 dager siden
    • Why do i think the background is a greenscreen

      fouoii gyhhfouoii gyhh2 dager siden
  • There videos are so entertaining and fun to watch, keep up the good work sidemen !

    Kirubel KirubelKirubel Kirubel2 dager siden
  • The humorous road conclusively bury because calf aditionally object within a unusual closet. quirky, pastoral chick

    Mohammed JahanMohammed Jahan2 dager siden
  • 14:29 I don't know sunset bar But I want a "ksi at sunset bar" episode The night it's open till 6 am the sticky night

    kimon marshallkimon marshall2 dager siden
  • For like 3 vids strait veryone was like. Omds vik finna leave viks unhappy. But now u realise that he might have just been having an off time cause he’s clearly fine 😂

    Isla PsaltisIsla Psaltis2 dager siden
  • How come these guys are allowed inside without masks not 2 metres away inside and there’s 7 of them? Do they think they are exempt?

    zenixlozenixlo2 dager siden
  • These boys talking about UK party’s and hoe they miss it after COVID imagine SidemenXNelkBoys collab

  • RPDR x SDMN - I didn't know I needed this, now I do

    Michi5463Michi54632 dager siden
  • Sorry.

    Ben SalterBen Salter2 dager siden
  • Who was the reading player?

    will pottswill potts2 dager siden
  • Meanwhile harry hogs The 499 wine

    JAYJAY 67JAYJAY 672 dager siden
  • Who else hates vik talking all the time. Shut the f up!

    Jed EtchellsJed Etchells2 dager siden
  • That brittt ish taste innnnnnitt

    Connor BrinkerConnor Brinker2 dager siden
  • Why do i think the background is a greenscreen

    Rek tinRek tin2 dager siden
  • Balkans drinking red and white wine with coca cola for years, sidemen discovering it now? ehhh

    vtoni22vtoni222 dager siden
  • The disrespect to NELK boys when they were talking about American groups😔

    Chris peacockChris peacock2 dager siden